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With more than 30 years of experience serving the greater Rochester area, we know hair loss and baldness. We have the latest hair replacement and treatment programs as well as a complete line of hair care products. Integrated Hair Solutions can help you look and feel your best with our customized solutions including Womens Wigs, Mens Hair Pieces, Hair Extensions and Hair Support products. Give us a call and schedule a free private consultation or drop us an e-mail.
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Mens and Womens Hair Replacement Solutions

Mens and Womens Hair Replacement Solutions

Private Issue is designed especially for you and your lifestyle. All of the features are the finest available. You may find many imitations, but none will match the quality, performance and value of Private Issue by Cyberhair. Make an investment in yourself.
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Micro Point Solutions
Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair® are the safest, most featherweight non-invasive hair loss solution. Micro Point Solutions are a healthy alternative solution to pump up and add considerable volume to fine, thin hair.
Cyberhair -Hair Replacement
Cyberhair is personalized especially for you. Cyberhair is for Men and Women suffering from all types of hair loss

Hair Support for Men

Hair Support products for Men – Restore Hair care

Hair Support for Men

Introducing Hair Support® a hair loss treatment program for those experiencing thinning hair, or whose hair requires revitalization.

Hair Support® consists of the latest technological procedures to cleanse blocked follicles and stimulate the scalp, increasing blood circulation. This revitalizes the hair follicles and releases dormant hair – hair which has been trapped underneath the scalp by a build-up of oil and hair care products.

The Hair Support® Program can dramatically improve the condition of your hair, protect it against further loss and may also foster new hair growth.

Hair Support® can also be effective in the fight against medically-related hair loss. Clients who have experienced the program have noticed their hair returning in half the diagnosed time.

A healthy scalp and stronger hair encourages your natural hair to grow.

What Kind of Hair Do You Have?

Hair comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and conditions. To keep hair healthy and attractive, proper attention must be given to its care and treatment.

Applying hair care products or receiving improper hair services can cause the hair structure to become weakened or damaged. Hair care products can also result in a build-up of chemicals clogging hair follicles.

By utilizing a personal prescribed Hair Support treatment, the health and appearance of your hair will be improved.

Hair Loss Causes and Effects

Because hair follicles cycle through the three stages (growth, degeneration and rest) at different intervals, a certain amount of hair is shed daily (while in the rest stage) – nature’s method of making way for new hair. The average daily shedding is estimated at 75-150 hairs. Hair loss beyond this indicates a scalp or hair abnormality.

Many variables can contribute to the irregular loss of hair. Stress, diet, hair and scalp condition – even physical constitution will affect hair loss.

You may suffer from hair loss if you:.

  • have any family member who has thin hair or hair loss
  • drink an excessive amount of caffeinated beverages
  • have poor eating habits
  • smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day
  • live a stressful life
  • shampoo only twice per week
  • apply hair lotion on an unclean scalp
  • have a build-up of hair care products and topical lotions


The degree of hair loss varies among individuals and circumstances.

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