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With more than 30 years of experience serving the greater Rochester area, we know hair loss and baldness. We have the latest hair replacement and treatment programs as well as a complete line of hair care products. Integrated Hair Solutions can help you look and feel your best with our customized solutions including Womens Wigs, Mens Hair Pieces, Hair Extensions and Hair Support products. Give us a call and schedule a free private consultation or drop us an e-mail.
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Mens and Womens Hair Replacement Solutions

Mens and Womens Hair Replacement Solutions

Private Issue is designed especially for you and your lifestyle. All of the features are the finest available. You may find many imitations, but none will match the quality, performance and value of Private Issue by Cyberhair. Make an investment in yourself.
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Micro Point Solutions
Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair® are the safest, most featherweight non-invasive hair loss solution. Micro Point Solutions are a healthy alternative solution to pump up and add considerable volume to fine, thin hair.
Cyberhair -Hair Replacement
Cyberhair is personalized especially for you. Cyberhair is for Men and Women suffering from all types of hair loss

Cyberhair for Women

Cyberhair for Women – Hair replacement solutions

Cyberhair for Women

cyber hair for women - rochester at integarted hair solutionsNo other hair on the market comes close to the natural beauty, color and feel of Amy’s Presence wigs, featuring patented Cyberhair.

Cyberhair is the world’s most technologically advanced, patented hair. It is virtually indistinguishable from human hair. It’s light as a feather, soft and silky, has rich hues and subtle, shimmering highlights that never fade or change color.

With Cyberhair, you can live your life to the fullest: work, sleep, swim, exercise, even enjoy intimate moments without worrying about your hair. Because of its unique style memory, your Cyberhair wig requires no styling and only basic maintenance to keep it looking great.

So what, exactly, is Cyberhair? The name itself immediately conjures up images of super-technology. Of robotic creations. And suggests that it is synthetic, for sure. Well, truth be told, none of these assumptions is too far from accurate. But these assumptions also require some elaboration. Because Cyberhair is more than just another hair-replacement system.

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Cyberhair is the product of years of research and development, and even more years of meticulously fine-tuning the super-technol required to create realistic feeling, and looking, hair fibers.

This technology, like most manufacturing processes, does involve some robotic labor. So that assumption is right on the money as well. And since Cyberhair does not originate from a human hair follicle, it definitely is, well, synthetic created. But similar to the mainstream “synthetic” it certainly isn’t.

Take all of your pre-conceived notions of synthetic hair and toss them out back in the days with the 8-track players and rotary phones.

Cyberhair is less a synthetic, and more a creation–a technologically advanced hair creation. It’s where science meets art in the happiest of matrimonies, creating a hair-replacement system that looks natural, feels natural, and lasts–no matter what tests the elements may bring.

The good news is, there is no need to wait for the future to reap the benefits of this futuristic technology. Cyberhair is available now in the United States after years of testing in Japan and Europe. And it could not have come at a better time.

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